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Yoga for Space!

Me with space!

Every day I step on my mat. It has become a space for me to just be and see what comes up for me and see what I need. Sometimes it can be relaxing, other times energyfueling and higher vibrations. But every time it comes down to releasing to create space. Create space for love, good energy and just more space to be. During a day I bring with me energy from other people or thoughts that doesn´t serve me. On the yoga mat I become aware of them and I have the tools to release it and move forward.

 This morning I decided to only let magic be a part of my life. Everything was magic and serving me. In that way I created space for magic things in my life and no wonders like “What if.. “ or “Can I..?” I can and I have magic all around me in every relationship, situation and decision. I know this because of the feeling it gives me. I can be me a 100% with this magic and support of the universe. When I feel out of alignment with the magic, I say or think “I step back and let the universe guide me”. Releasing the need of control has been a major change maker in my life. In this way I can flow up and down and not take everything so personally as I maybe would if I was pushing around. This shows up on the yoga mat, if I push into handstand or in another pose, the pose pulls away. If I let my body go exactly where it wants to without any expectations from my part I let a lot more happen everywhere.

Pushing gives a pull-effect. Letting it flow creates magic possibilities!

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