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Why are you crying?

One night in bed I was crying – and to be honest I felt very alone and my mind was racing so fast. It told myself I wasn’t doing anything with my life, I needed to aim higher, to do and be more! I felt so low, but I didn´t want to cry anymore. Why should I? My life was actually good!

Suddenly I realised it wasn´t all of me that shouted all those painful words to myself. It was someone else. Have you noticed the funny little (sometimes big) thing the most of us have inside (the only exception is the enlighten ones)? Yes, good for you! No, OH I feel you have! He is the one who tells you; that you are not good enough and you need more stuff or people to be happy. He feeds on the negative thoughts to grow stronger. He is your EGO!! An example: Have you ever laughed at someone for their choice of clothes or hairstyle? Or talked down about someone or yourself? Just saying: Ego. It is trying to grow by setting you above others.

When I realised it was my ego shouting at me in bed that night- I started laughing so hard! I heard how strongly it was working to pull me down!

EGO – Three letters that hold you back from saying things your Heart is dying to say like, I love you – I miss you – I am sorry!

Let me tell you something you may not know – a little funny fact if you want – the ego shrinks with positive thoughts and feelings. An one of them especially , you may know it – LOVE!

There I was laughing at my ego and embracing my love- I realised how much I love love. I know that sounds silly. But WE need more love. We can all love a bit more! What are we afraid of? We are able to share the good we have inside instead of criticising, judging and comparing others and ourselves! We can grow together through love! Because love is a magical word and please don´t underestimate its power.

I encourage you today to do one thing or two. Maybe send love to someone you don´t really like and notice how you feel. In addition, just smile to a stranger in the street. Maybe you are the person who makes his day! I know you can 😀 I believe in you, the universe and magical LOVE!

I know for sure I will not let my ego make me cry in bed again!

My new affirmation: Let go of that ego! 


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