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What is kids yoga?


I just started working in a kindergarden and therefore I also started doing some yoga with the kids! It frightens me, but most of all it is just pure fun.

But everybody seems to ask me what is kids yoga is. Which I do understand totally – how to make the kids be interested in yoga, breathe intentionally, do all the funny poses (like we adult do) in order and be quiet? I will do my best to answer these questions here.

  1. The kids get super enthusiastic when you tell them how fun yoga is! Just the word fun sets them on fire! Their eyes gets a new spark and are just ready for what is coming. The hard part sometimes can be to make them stay in that moment.

  2. With the kids I teach in kindergarden (3-4 years) we don´t focus that much on the breath, just some big breaths during warm-up and the same during savasana. But just that – is a big reminder for them during a hectic, noisy and long day with so many other kids!

  3. In kids yoga we make stories, not just stay on our mat and do what the teacher tell us to do. There is a lot of moving around (normally we don´t use mats) and having fun. I, as a teacher, come into the class with a plan, but know in my heart I will need to read the energy level and mood of the kids. I will have to be flexible and be open to what they “see” in the world/place we went to and just go with it! It is a fun way of expanding your own comfort zone!

  4. The kids can be quiet to listen when you tell if you respect them, so to earn their respect. At the same time in savasana it helps to make them listen for something, because they will close their eyes and be quiet until they hear it!

Kids yoga is awesome and fun 🙂 For older kids more normal sequences will be given, maybe even couple yoga, but for 3-4 years thats how we roll!

Maybe you have a siste, brother, cousin, nephew, daughter or son who could think yoga is just THE thing to do?

Just DO it!

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