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Vegan Healthy Breakfast Banana Oat Pancakes

New week and new motivation for doing what serves me the best. Starting the day with yoga, decluttering the apartment and a delicious breakfast.

I love long breakfast mornings, they are simply a delight for the yin, feminine mind and body. When there is no rush and I can actually breathe between each mouthful. The Banana oat pancakes are so easy to make, healthy for the body and taste nice. Sometimes I make a big bunch of them and bring them for lunch.

Havre bananpannekaker

They taste gooood! (Even though they might not look pretty)


  1. 1 dl oats

  2. 1 banana

  3. 1 tbs coconut flour

  4. 1 tbs pumpkinseeds

  5. 4 almonds – cut into peaces

  6. 6 Raisins

  7. Cinnamom

Take the banana, mosh it with a fork and mix in the oats. Than put the rest of the ingredients in the bowl. Let it sit for 10 min for better result. Find you frying pan and make 3 pancakes from the mix. Fry each one about 3 minutes on each side.

Put on any fruits, jam that you feel called to put on.

Have a wonderful week!

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