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Turmeric – A wonder food!


If there is one spice I would recommend you, it would be to buy turmeric! It is said to be the natural antibiotics. Everyday we put toxins – unnatural products – in our body.By adding turmeric to your food – is a way to balance out the toxins we put in on a stressful day and help your body. I know there is many of these “natural products” out there that is suppose to help. So consider if you want to give turmeric a chance.

Still, if you are not convinced; here are more benefits for you:

  1. Regulate digestion

  2. Anti-inflammatory

  3. Antiseptic

  4. It can prevent fungus

  5. It can act as an antivirus

  6. It can relieve pain

  7. It can cleanse the blood

  8. It can strengthen the immune system

  9. It can reduce stomach gas

  10. It can be good for the skin

In addition, turmeric tastes very good and gives extra flavour to your meal. I normally add it to my soups, especially sweet potato – and carrot soup, tomato and cauliflower soup to mention a few. I also like to add the spice in every Indian inspired meal as well as on my pizza. It is only the creativity that sets the limit.


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