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To forgive is to let go!

Every evening especially and during the day I have a new ritual. I forgive.

I forgive myself, my life, my friends, my family and my partner. I ask myself if the issue or feeling would matter in one year from now. If not, I send a forgiving and loving thought to the person or situation. I don´t want to carry it with me, just go right to see how it made me feel, react and than forgive my reaction and let it go.

In my life and in this society I need to forgive. If I have or had a  a negative thought, it can stick with me for many hours. I think “I am not participating enough”, and first it slips me further away from the present moment. Than I judge the thought, than I judge the judging and the story has started. I ask is it true or is it just a story I have made up for myself? At a point, I realise it started with a single frase and I wasted many minutes on it. Instead of judging it anymore, I forgive myself, my mind and my thought pattern and go straight back to the present smile and I smile.

I value my life too short to not smile.

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