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The test of the mountains


I live in an amazing city: so alive, beautiful and rich of so many things! It is known for its seven mountains (as you may know its Bergen) and each of them keep on astonishing me!

Today I went to Stolzekleiven in the beautiful weather and also tested my time. As a yogi I just want to compare myself to myself: Just be a better me today then yesterday ☀ During the way up some started walking past me and I walked past some people too. The best I have walked has been 18 min but all I could think of was: don’t let anyone go past me and (please) let me walk it on 16 min as my friend (even though I knew it would be impossible!). All these thoughts kept running through my head, but at the same time all I could think was “One step at a time – one step – one step” (as I was so out of breath).

I came to the top – super exhausted and at the same time got all my energy out! All the negativity and stress that has been building up inside get released. I really face myself during such trips!

Why do I do it? The mountains really test the strength of the body and mind! Do you ever feel the same?


Follow where the wind blows you! 

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