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The short and long moments!


This sentence keeps popping into my head lately during my time on the mat and in wonderful nature. I takes my monkey mind all the way back to present – this is it. This is my life.

Over and over lately I have caught myself wishing this summertime went faster – oh how I wish it was friday, or can´t it be fall already, and I simply was just ready to go on with my life. Including I wished I had a fixed job from fall not only 3 months -at-a-time-job. Bla bla bla.. The mind makes up these stories!

Then remembering again the days are long but the years are short;  this is my life now, my lovely twenties when I can do anything and go anywhere. (No matter your age – you can be and do what you want!!) Maybe for me, one day I will get a job for a year or however long I decide it to be! The point is that the present moment is so important!! The kids especially, but all the people around me teach me that everyday and oh how I love those smiles! All we have is the present; The past is lost and the future is undecided! Just be and that is enough.

I hope your journey, wherever you are show you how delightful the present is!

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