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Tasty Oatmeal!


In August I wrote about Wonder Overnight Oats, and now I am sharing tasty Oatmeal!

It´s my new best breakfast! The days are shorter, almost no daylight in Norway. The weather is colder, and I don´t fancy cold smoothies right now. So I found a great replacement that keeps my heart, mind and body warm. It is so nutritious and it keeps me full for hours! And the most amazing part is that I can mix it up by using different toppings that I find in my fridge 🙂


  1. 1 dl Oats

  2. 2 dl water

  3. 1 tbs flaxseed

  4. 1 tbs pumpkinseed

Toppings (optional)

  1. Cinnamon

  2. Pineapple

  3. Frozen berries

  4. Walnuts

  5. Almonds

  6. Cashewbutter

  7. Maple syrup

I believe magical things can happen if your grateful for every meal you eat!
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