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Sweet Potato recipe!

I dedicate this blogpost to my good food friend: The Sweet potato! As a vegan I truly enjoy the tasty vegetables, especially the root vegetables! With this great potato it is possible to make so many good dinners and has many health benefits. Too be honest, I hear that many think that sweet potatoes are much healthier than normal potatoes (mostly because of the social media, I believe). The truth is that both are filling, healthy and keep you satisfied for a long time. They have almost the same amount of calories 168 for potatoes vs 112 for sweet potatoes. On the other hand sweet potatoes are much sweeter, therefore the name sweet. They have almost 7 times the sugar content of normal potatoes! On the other hand the sweet potatoes are filled of vitamin A , like truly a lot! It has even more vitamins A than carrots: 551 RAE vs 437 RAE! So lets eat sweet potatoes for many benefits (especially the taste) 😀

Sweet potato

My favourite right now: Baked sweet potato! It is so easy and can be made while doing much other things! Just put the potato (I calculate 1 potato per person) in the oven on a baking sheet for 1 hour, meanwhile make guacamole and a bean mix. After one hour, just make a cross in the potato, open it and push down some of the potato to make space for the guacamole, beans and I like to add fresh tomatoes, olives,cucumber and rocket salad! Just eat and enjoy the flavours!

Stay Positive Good things Will happen!

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