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Support in life!

Support in life

Everybody needs it

I have a feeling that most of us search for the support in other people; either relatives like mother, father or a sibling. When we don´t find it, we get disappointed and point a finger at them. In a way we blame them for the support we don´t find.

I have recently experienced this myself. I haven´t got the support I wanted from someone close to me; I have felt hurt and unloved. In this process I also realised that what I see around me is a reflection of my thoughts. I have not been supporting myself, but have been looking outward to find it. I, alone have the responsibility of my own feelings and I do not want anyone else to have this power. That power is mine. I am the support of my own life – I trust in me. When I trust in me the support I need and want will find me at the right time.


I hope you can find the trust and support you need in yourself.

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