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Sharing my possibilities!

It has almost been a year since my last blogpost. When I read it, I must admit I was blown away by the words. The post was exactly what I need to read and understand in my life at this present moment.

I will be totally honest with you; I stopped teaching yoga outdoors and write on my blog, because I had a story in my head that went: I am not good enough. I know that there are more people that have the same voice going on (and not saying it´s you, but it is okay to have it!). It is nothing about the voice I like, and it stems from fear. I am ready for a  life where I accept this fear, but chose to live with it and still take action. I take responsibility for all my actions and choices. Instead of judgement, blame, shame or complaints that doesn’t give me anything.

The last blogpost was about support. I see full support in my life; by myself, in my relationships and the universe. I have the possibility to create a more loving, open, joyful and decisive world for myself and for everyone around me. I am committed to create this world in form of actions.


The beauty I have seen is that when I express myself; I feel empowered. That comes through listening to beautiful people, sing, share my visions and ask for what I want. The thing is that I need to create this. No one else will come and help me unless I ask for it.

What do you see for yourself and want to create in this world? Please remember: Sharing is caring ❤

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