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Oh Happy morning!

I am a morning person . just so you know! Oh how I love them – the earlier  and darker outside the better the feeling. You are awake before the rest of the world, and you set your intention for the day while people still have two hours to go in bed.

I awake, I admit, sometimes by the alarm, but many times by myself. By awakening, I can feel like I just want to stay in the warm and lovely bed. Cause not every time does it seem tempting to get up and cease the day! But I know, that if I do the effort of waking up – and step on my mat. It will come back to me in so many levels.


The morning time has become a great routine for me. I feel whole, complete and in love with life!

My happy morning routine:

  1. Light candles

  2. Roll out my mat

  3. Meditate – use my affirmations

  4. Yoga-sequence

  5. Drink lemon-water

  6. Breakfast: Smoothie

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