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It´s tea time!

Tea – what a wonderful word!

The feeling of holding a warm cup that heats the fingers and spread all the way to the rest of the body. The smell of goodness and the taste of bittersweet. Tea can be enjoyed almost any time; just after you wake up, after breakfast, lunch, dinner and when you feel like it. Also just before you go to bed if you add some honey to the tea.


I like to drink the tea plane; no sugar, milk or honey. Then I can get all the benefits from the tea. Usually I drink herbal, green or white tea. I just can´t get enough of it.

Herbal tea, is such as ginger, chamomile and hibiscus they are support to help shed kilos, stave off colds and give restful sleep in addition that they are full of antioxidants.

Green tea is full of antioxidants which is very good for the internal organs. As well burn fat and counteract clogging of arteries.

White tea has a lot of potent anticancer properties which is very nice!

Here is some of the tea-brands that I use and can recommend:

  1. Pukka – Detox, Harmonize, Love

  2. Yogi tea – all of them

  3. Celestial – Chamomile

  4. Clearspring – Clear Sencha

Sometimes I just make my own with ginger and lemon – easy, healthy and cheap! I am on a tea-wave! If you have some more recommendation please let me know!

Tea – love!

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