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Intentions for 2018

New Year and new intentions for 2018. It is rather magical what a new year can bring. It gives a possibility for me to review the year and check what works and what doesn´t work in my life. Instead of setting resolutions (a firm decision to do or not to do something) – I set intentions (a thing intended; an aim or plan). I do this to improve my life, relationships, my work and in the end I believe it can help the world. If I shine and do my best to be the best version of me, I can be of inspiration and motivation.

To find my intentions I sit down, review and feel. Starting in meditation for 10-30 min to connect to my heart and breathing. I ask “What is coming up for me? What do I need to know?”. I write it down in my journal, I read it over and start reflecting on my life. How does my life look like and how do I want it to be and feel in health, relationships, career, spiritual growth and love. In this way – I let the words just flow and I reread them for some days: adding and subtracting, before I finally land to 5 intuitions and a word for the year.

My 5 intentions for 2018:

  1. Trust life – I am supported

  2. Respect my intuition & people

  3. Honest communication

  4. Explore movement & feeling good in my body

  5. Be of service

My word for 2018 is CLEARITY

Just writing creates flow. Thank you – I am grateful for the blog, writing and creating space for more creativity, openness, peace and support to believing in the magic of intuition and trust.


I wish you the best year and intentions for 2018!

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