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How bicycling can be mindwork!

I started a new ritual in the morning – rise up and bicycle to work. Before I started, everything seemed like a burden. What should I wear? What if I became sweaty? What if I couldn´t make it to work in time? I had all of these thoughts racing through my mind, and it was exhausting, so for a whole week I didn´t ride my bike to work – it was too much of a resistance for me. But one day I had had enough, the day before I found my biking outfit and packed my bag. I knew deep down it would be totally fine. The next day I woke up and looked forward to putting my butt on the bicycle. What a relief!!

So what was this all about? I was afraid of change, all this time I had taken the bus, and had it pretty comfortable, and now I needed to do something new. When I arrived to work everyone would know I had taken the bike. As well as I would be the sporty one, walking around in tights all day (I work in a nursery so actually no problem there). It was just my mind racing and seeing all the worst outcomes.

What did actually happen? I loved it; the wind in my hair, fresh air, the fast-pace and getting my body going.  I noticed I have a strong mind; I tell myself “I am strong” during the ride. Somedays, I forget of course and compare myself to the athletes cruising by me, but I shake it off and remember why I started in the first place:

It is environment friendly, exercise and FUN!

I want to challenge myself more and just do it! The best step is ACTION.

Have you challenged yourself lately? 

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