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Honor your honesty!

Honesty saves everyone´s time

I truly believe in the quote above. I strive to be honest, to be true to who I am and true to the people around me with honesty. The obstacle for me is to be authentic in what I feel is difficult conversations; tell what I don´t like, how I would like to change the relationship or my life, or ask for what I want. The last part is really coming up for me these days, how can I ask for what I want without beeing too much or ruin relations?

Fear is what stops me, and I know that. But it is still there and it feels real for me. I know it is just an emotion and it is not true. If I ask for what I want, people may turn their back to me. At the same time, what I am left with is an authentic life without any secrets and I have experienced that people often want the best for me.

I changed my perspective during this blogpost. When I write it all down, I get free of my thoughts, free from myself and have a possibility to be in what is. I can ask for what I want by honesty and courage to be me.

How do you live your life today? Do you tell your truth or do you hide it away?

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