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Healthy chocolate cake!


I am back, in my creative self, and feels like freedom! I will talk more about it, but for now – chocolate cake!

We have all been there, really craving something filling, and junky, but we really don´t want it to be all sugary. As well as we know that a sugarfree, vegan, flat chocolate won´t do.

So I had the time, the past week, to make a cake, and I would describe it as very healthy and good for your body. I don´t like to say guilt-free as I feel no need for guilt after you eat anything. If you tap inside and really listen to your body and get connected with it, either through some deep breaths or ask yourself “What would be really good for me right now?” And let yourself get the time to answer without rushing it you know that different times, the body need different things. Listen to it, your body is a holy temple, take care of it!

So – to the cake, it is perfect to make if you have a lot of overdue bananas!

What you need:

• 600 gr bananas, very mature  • 300 gr peanutbutter • 70 gr unsweetened cacao


(I didn´t but I guess it would taste awesome):

• 1-2 tbs maple syrup • 70 gr chopped nuts


It was a delicious, and it keeps well in the fridge for at least 5 days!



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