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Handstand process!


I am so excited to write about this: A big part of my yoga practice these days are my kick-up to handstand. I am so truly finding my balance in this pose and kick-up anywhere is the biggest fun of it all. I love the challenge it brings me.

My handstand practice started a while ago, in september 2014. But I started out with not being able to kick up, but only walking in from a plank. I spent there almost 2 months. So many bruises! Haha.. The way to handstand is long and I know I am not even halfway there, but the kick I get from trying to find balance and just being there for 3 seconds keeps me going. Going upside down without expectation has proven to be the best way for me. As well as to remember all the small details; point toes, straight arms, shoulders ready, navel into spine and look towards the fingers.

Besides the kick-ups I do a lot of preparation poses. I do all sorts of L-shapes to benefit my shoulders, my hamstrings andbellydeepen-corework.

I know I am exactly where I am suppose to be.

All I can say is stay tuned!

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