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Enthusiasm is a..

Now and than a new word becomes very strong for me. The word has a deep meaning and has many words behind them. In addition it has a certain colour and gives me a special feeling. A while ago it was faith, it was blue and gave me a smile on my face. Right now the word is enthusiasm, the colour is yellow and makes me want to clap my hand!

Yellow sparks me up and have become my favourite colour (I even wear a yellow raincoat with a yellow backpack – all yellow). So now enthusiasm is yellow. I say it in the morning and it fuels me up for the day!


Enthusiasm is a way of life for me. Enthusiasm brings me joy and more colour through the day than only the colour yellow. If I am in a new situation and wonder how I want to approach it; enthusiasm comes to my mind. All I do is go from there and it all works out just the way I want it to.

You can also try enthusiasm – you will love it!

So what is enthusiasm for you?

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