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Clever Cashew butter!

A new nut butter was made and it tastes amazing! The world just opens up and shows me new possibilities in ways of life and food. I embrace it with open arms – thank you.

Embrace who you are and don´t make any apologies for being yourself!

I try to widen my tastebuds and almost always looking for new recipes to try out. I have made almond butter for so long now it was time for a change. Sometimes “try-outs” fail and they fail hard but sometimes they become a success. I bring with me the joy of the success into new recipes and let go of all the failure as a lesson to be learned. That way I learn how I can grow as a chef, person and a human on this earth. I think this can relate to anything we do in our life, how you deal with failure and success. Do you chose to ignore it, learn from it or empower people from it?

So over to the cashew butter – new nut and new taste!

The clever cashew butter suggests you can use it on almost anything: sweet or salt and however you want to. All food is clever if you eat it balanced and in moderation.


  1. Cashews

Mix it all together in the food processor for about 5-10 minutes and it is all ready to eat on either raw vegan brownies (check out my recipe) or a slice of bread!

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