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By the sea-Yoga

I love yoga outside, both in the mountains and by the sea. Yoga is just better outside! In the present moment I feel my body, the unity of the body and mind. Without thoughts I let the body move however it wants to. The intuition is the guide, nothing else matter or is needed.

My body takes me everywhere easily and effortlessly – Louise Hay

In my three-legged dog all is well, my body and mind feels in flow. Just like the quote says it feels easy and effortless. But the challenge is to put aside time to step on the mat. I will share the way from thoughts of it to doing it. First I believe I will go to my mat almost from waking up. I know I will have plenty of time that day to go on my mat. I say it out loud early in the day (if I don´t go right after bed). The mat has no expectations, only my mind to be better or do more than all other days. I need to let go of all of it, and just be in the present moment to allow my body to just move and stretch! The clue is non-attachment to the outcome. Resistance often occur, but instead of letting it defeat me, I see it for what it is – my ego trying to keep me in the dirt! No more – I am flowing!

What can make you and your body feel in flow today?

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