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Book Review- The Magic

The magic

I love to read books and they add perspective to my life. But it wasn’t until a friend mentioned I could write about them, that it occurred to me that I can share them here on the blog so others can find them as well! (Excitement!!) Sharing is caring. Therefor I start with my latest find: The book “The Magic” written by Rhonda Byrne. I got it for my birthday and it came in divine timing. I hope it will for you as well.

“The Magic” is a self-help and spiritual book,  giving you insight and challenges your thinking. In 27 days you get 27 different tasks for each day. It challenges you to use thank you/magic for all areas of your life: relationship, health, career, money – in everything. You get the most out of the book if you take the daily assignments seriously.

I found in the beginning it was hard to remember to be grateful/do the assignment, like everything is before you can make it a habit. After about 20 days (to be honest) it became more natural and not forced. So remember to give the book some time before you judge it.

So what did it give me in the end? I learned a lot about the magic word – thank you; Gratitude. Just saying thank you for everything made my life abundant and whole. 

I truly can say I believe in the magic of life – thank you. 

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