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Book Review: BIG MAGIC – Creative living beyond fear

A new book has been read, enjoyed and is ready to be shared:Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I found it so rewarding to share the book: “The Magic”, that I hope this too will give you inspiration.

If you want to live a creative life, earning money on it or not, this is the book for you. It discards any earlier beliefs of what an artists have to be. You don´t have to be a martyr or be in pain to create something good. In fact always ask yourself “do this give me pleasure and can I handle the down-effects of the choice I have made?”. If Yes, keep on, if not, find something else to do. Move oN!

The most important word that the book gave me was – PERSISTANT. Elizabeth Gilbert knows what she is talking about – she kept on writing her stories and novels. She kept her day job, and always writing. She is an inspiration, and I thank her for this book.


This book also gave me courage and inspiration beyond what  my mind would believe. It talked directly to my heart and soul. I believe it can give you what you need, if you let go of any expectations.

I wont say more about the book, but I want to leave you curious and interested. I loved it and as you may understand, I recommend adding it to your must-read list.

Have a magical week beloved ones!

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