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Blueberry Nana Ice Cream


The rise of a new day and it is time for breakfast! When ice cream is on the agenda – oh happy day! Simply said – it is a treat for the mouth and body! Even better: It is so simple to make and it doesn´t take much time or ingredients.


  1. 1 banana

  2. 2 dl frozen blueberries

Topping suggestions

  1. Almonds

  2. Shredded coconut

  3. Cocoa powder

Put the banana and the frozen blueberries in the food processor. Run it about 2 minutes before you stop and scrape the blueberries down to the middle. Run about 2 minutes more and you have ice cream! Put it in your favourite bowl and enjoy.

I fancy it with a cup of black coffee and a book. Especially in fall – I intend to make the mornings more special. What is your “oh happy day” -breakfast?

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