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Bikram Yoga – feeling


After Early morning Bikram Yoga

As it get´s colder, and I love the heat, I am trying out: Bikram yoga. It is something I have been thinking about for a long time, but I have felt so much resistance walking to the studio and even looking at the webpage. But something just clicked and dragged me for it this weekend and I decided to go for it.

When I lived in Madrid I went on a regular basis every week to bikram yoga for about 3 months. I loved to sweat it all out, but I left it in Spain. When I was back in Norway, the bikram yoga – feeling left me.

The last 3 days I have been in 2 classes, one evening and one morning class in Bikram Yoga Bergen. And I want to share with you how it feels to be in class and little bit about the afterglow. In the room, there is a big mirror which forces you to look at yourself in the mirror all the time. That is quite different from other yoga classes where you can look away. This brought up the ego for me a lot. As well as they use “push push push”, so many times during class. And every time I think: “Careful, not too much”. I talk to a yogi about this and he gave me a new perspective, and can now already see it as a drive force to make me stronger in the physical body and mind to go after my dreams. It helps to sweat a lot as well to let go of all stagnant energy, negative thoughts and patterns. Also I need to stay really focused on what I do to actually engage and activate all the limbs and therefor I block everything else outside. Furthermore I decide to not look at other people in the room; to focus on me and my breath.

After the class I feel rejuvenated and free. I feel as I just got rid of 5 kilos of my shoulders and feel in love with the magic and love in the world. Can it be better? I would recommend to try several times to feel good about it. And about the path forward – doing what feels good in my body! If it is to continue with Bikram or try something else.

Remember to fail hard, so you can stand up and become stronger
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