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Beautiful Backbends

How do you feel about backbends? Most of the people I have talked to either don´t like them that much or they do like them a lot. What I experienced is that they are so much, by that I mean they feel overwhelming to handle. I need to activate many muscles and parts of my body at the same time, that I don´t normally do. And that is also what I love about them.

So what is the key?

It is as I already mention to activate and think about many bodyparts at the same time. First and foremost activate the core to protect the back! Also have a good warm-up in the shoulders as they need to be very open and flexible. Also a part I often forget is to very actively squeeze the thighs toward each other. And last breath into every part to come into the pose all the way. But note: Stop right as you feel it hurts somewhere, than go out of the position! You are responsible for your body and to keep it safe.

The benefits of the backbends are so many  – I get to open up my chest and make space for my heart and lungs! I also get to increase my energy, while strengthening my arms, wrists, legs, abdomen and spine. After every backbend I relax and take several breaths with one hand one my heart and one hand on my belly to feel the benefits in my body.

I advice you to incorporate several backbends into your yoga-practice (if you have one, if not you can start!). The two that goes the deepest for me and I love, is camel pose and wheel pose! Remember if you try to take counterposes such as shoulderstand, handstand, hero pose and bow pose. In that way you can stretch out your back after contracting it.

If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate to ask!


The picture is taken for about a year ago, here I struggle with the flexibility in my shoulders and straightening my arms! It is always a yoga practice, not a yoga perfect!

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