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Almond milk and almond pulp pancakes!

I am so excited as I tried something new this weekend – and it was something I wanted to do for a long time! Sometimes procrastination makes the doing even more fun, because I wonder about the result: Will it taste good?

So the mission this weekend was almond milk! I woke up early Saturday, eager to make the Almond milk before I went to yoga class. The almonds had been soaked in water throughout the night! The process was a bit messy, but the result in consistency and taste was amazing. Since I don´t like to throw away food, I decided to make almond pulp pancakes Sunday morning for breakfast!

Ingredients for almond milk:

  1. 1 pack of almonds soaked over night

  2. water

  3. salt

  4. vanilla extract


Above: the almonds soaked overnight. I put the almonds in a bowl and used a hand mixer, (or processor/blender if you have) with doble the amount of water.

It will start pretty fast to look like milk! So exciting – I was smiling throughout this process!

When all the big chunks of almonds was into small pieces, I poured the milk through a strain. Since I didn´t get all the milk out of the almonds, I put the almond pulp in a kitchen towel and squeezed the rest of the milk. I mixed in salt and vanilla extract, but you can also put in honey, nothing at all, maple syrup or the flavour you want.


The RESULT in a jar! It taste sooo good!

So I was left with almond pulp (the almond pieces). I decided to use them to make pancakes.

Ingredients for almond pulp pancakes:

  1. 2 bananas

  2. The almond pulp

  3. 1 tbsp oats

  4. 1 tsp Baking soda

  5. 0,5 dl homemade almond milk

  6. 1 tsp Cinnamon

  7. Coconut oil for frying


Mash the bananas into the almond pulp. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir well. Heat the frying pan and make pancakes in the size of your choice. I usually make some big and some small. Serve with topping of your choice. I put on homemade apple jam, homemade peanut butter and coconut cream.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have asked yourself:

How do I want to feel this week ahead? Take a deep breath – hold, and exhale out your mouth. Let the words come to you. Maybe you can write it down?

If you know how you want to feel, I promise you it will be easier to take the right choices for the weekdays.

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