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I love love

I have talked about that earlier and it may sound like an exaggeration. But everywhere is full of love and when you first feel love you just want more of the sweet, hot and bubbly feeling. What amazing place the world would be if we all were filled with love and being kind to each other!

But I must admit that sometimes thats what I feel and other times I only see grey and harshness. Maybe you also feel that? It is up to our mind and perspective and even though I know it – sometimes I get it wrong. The mind is so powerful I forget how to keep the positive in focus and let go of the things I don´t need to live a happy life.

The only thing I need is LOVE and we all need. But is there a right and wrong way to love? Lets start from Osho´s quote:

Love can never possess. Love is giving freedom to the other. Love is an unconditional gift. It is not a bargain. Osho

Osho tells us that Love can never possess. Do we ever try to possess our lover, best friend or daughter/son? Like we possess our apartment, phone or TV? To control them? Doesn´t that sound very egoistic?

The following he says is; Love is giving freedom to the other. How can we give freedom when we put our own egoistic feelings instead of the persons needs and desires? Can we forget that we are all different and need different things?

What about Love is an unconditional gift. It is not a bargain. So maybe we could give without expecting anything in return. How can we, in this society we live in? We pay to get a product or service in return. We want most of our money so we bargain what we can. And we get pissed if someone rip us off. So the same can happen in love –  we feel taken advantaged off if we don´t get anything in return. How can a relationship survive like this?

I don´t claim to have an answer, but one thing to remember is “what goes around comes around” to quote Justin Timberlake. If you send out love it will come back multiplied to you. We have this life and we can chose to live in love.

Love is love: Sweet, hot and bubbly!


Are and me ❤ 

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