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5 points to survive FALL

Fall is all around!

The leaves are falling on the ground, they have yellow, red, green colours. The rain, by an instant it feels like, becomes more heavy and just more. Leaving summer, all becomes darker.

How can we carry with us the feeling of lightness and have the joyous feeling? If I just lied down and we all did that, the fall can bring us down.  Therefore I want to share some tip on how to survive darker days!

  1. Keeping the body active. Find something that gives you joy and keeps your body in shape. It can be dancing, yoga, running, all up to you. Find out what works for you.

  2. Light candles, hang up picture, make the house more cosy to stay in so you can feel even more at home.

  3. Find an indoor activity like reading, writing, painting, knitting, meditation

  4. Be outside in nature, go and breath in all the fresh air and stay in the heavy rain. Maybe take some pictures of it and share with people around you.

  5. Give more hugs and kisses to the people you care about. Be in your breath

I end by sharing music like this Eva Cassidy song, we can listen to without letting it depress us. But embrace the lyrics while reading a book and being in the breath.

My last tip and my extra tip is to go inward, listen to what works for you. Try something new!

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