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3 Addictive chest openers!

Ever felt the tightness of the shoulders in a yoga class or just after sitting to much at the computer? Feel like you develop a bad posture? The chest and shoulders are very linked and to open up the chest we need to enhance the shoulders flexibility. I will show you 3 chest openers that is a great tool to loosen up the chest and the shoulders and make them more flexible.

The shoulders is a ball in socket joint, same as the hips and therefore can be moved in almost all the directions: forward, backward, upward, downward, to the side and inwards. But most days we forget how to use them in all those directions. So we need to remind ourselves to do movements to keep the mobility in the shoulders.

The pec major in the chest is the clue and is very important to stretch. When you sit all day reading or writing at the computer with a bad posture, you expand  the back muscles and the pec contracts; it becomes smaller. Therefore it is important to open up the chest, to keep a great posture for the world.

More benefits for doing chest openers:

  1. Opening up the chest – you open up the space for your lunges and enhance you respiration system.

  2. Better posture give better place for the stomach and enhance the digestive system.

  3. Opens up the heart!

  4. Avoid curved spine when you get older.

So are you convinced and want to try? Here is my best 3 chest openers which I try to do every day! All you need is a yoga belt or a normal belt or belt from your bathrobe, anything similar will do 🙂

  1. Wide-stretch: Keep the palms at the end of the belt and straighten the spine. Inhale lift up the belt in front of you and exhale bring the arms behind you all the way down. Inhale lift slowly up again and exhale all the way down in front of you. Repeat 10 times (at least to get the best result!)

2. Side-stretch: Bring the hands in one fist on the belt from nr.1. Bring the lest hand straight upwards and the right hand back. You should feel it down the left back-side of the arm. If you pull the right further down you will feel an even deeper stretch. Hold for at least 30 seconds or more. Repeat on the other side.


3. Narrow-stretch: Bring the hands shoulder distance apart on the belt; raise them over your head. Exhale – bring the hands down behind the head while pushing the arms out to the side. Inhale – keep pushing and bring the hands back up over your head. Repeat 10 (at least – you know why).

Smile ❤

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